Stump (Coastal Forest) Gin

When I lived abroad, one of the things I missed most was being outside in forests and by oceans on a regular basis. We take these things for granted here in BC, but fortunately, Phillips Brewery’s Fermentorium has seemingly found a way to bottle this awesomeness in their Stump Gin.

In no way delicate or mild, this gin is a fir-forward delivery system of bold and evocative flavors that bring to mind the fresh, adventure-tinged optimism of a sunny day on our wild, coastal, forest-mingling beaches. Not overly complicated, Stump is simple and refreshing.

The relatively new craft distilling laws in BC have sparked a wave of new BC craft distilleries, and a fantastic thing about this gin is that it is uber local – not only is the base spirit made of BC grain, but all 6 of the botanicals come from our lovely province as well. Because of this there is a distinct lack of citrus, but the blend of hops, lavender and bay laurel add a brightness that cleverly forgives this gap.

Unfortunately for the time being if you’re not from BC, you’ll either have to visit and take in the coast for yourself, or make good friends with someone who lives here and can bring you a bottle.


Smell – strong evergreen supported by rich savory notes

Taste neat – Dry, bright and clean. Robust fir and juniper at the front, supported by a slight citrusy presence, brightening the taste, and balancing, bold savory notes at the finish

In a G&T – super refreshing with cucumber and more classically, pairs well with lemon. Best with a sweeter tonic, like Fever Tree Indian, or with Fermentorium’s tonics which are designed specifically to pair with Stump gin.

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