Noteworthy Gin

Noteworthy Gin isn’t your normal gin. A craft gin made by the Dubh Glas Distillery in Oliver BC and released earlier this year, it earned the distinction of being the audience’s 1st place choice award for favorite gin at the 2015 BC Distilled event.

Picture yourself in an elevator with 3 or 4 of your co-workers going to work for the day. Everything is pretty much as you expect, with your predictable co-workers wearing business clothes and having normal elevator conversations. The elevator makes an unexpected stop, and in walks a larger than life lady (or man, that’s totally cool) with a bright floral dress, whose perfume and personality fill up the elevator as the doors close. This new person is unexpected, and at first uninvited, but the mood in the elevator immediately shifts to appreciate the unconventional in a refreshing, new way.

You may love, or even be the larger than life lady (man), or you may, like me, be wary of the larger than life intruder. Either way, she (or he) makes you shift your perception and is a crowd pleaser in the way that can lighten the mood, make everyone laugh, and ultimately make you feel like the impossible is possible. Noteworthy gin is that unexpected larger than life person. It is in no way like a traditional gin, but it is refreshing, confident in its flavor profile and strangely draws you back to it.

This gin packs a 15 on the perfumy and floral scale of 1-10. It’s not my favorite gin to drink neat, but its committed flavor profile is really incredible and makes drinks that stand out – especially with contrasting citrus or complex botanicals. There’s no risk of losing this gin in the drink and its richness of flavor is strangely addictive, much like one of my best friends, who is the inspiration for the larger than life lady in the floral (or maybe not so floral) dress.


Smell – Perfume immediately comes to mind – it almost fills the room with scent as you pour it. Bold floral and warm citrus notes dominate.

Taste neat – It’s immediately rich and sweet. Rose petal, orange and lemon notes mingle together with subtle earthy root and warm spicy tones at the finish, making a strong, unforgettable statement.

In a G&T – I prefer lime over lemon with this gin, and actually with a bit of lime juice rather than just the peel. It makes a stunning gin and tonic with a strong, complex botanically tonic like Fentimans to balance with the sweet floral notes. Conversely, pair with a sweeter tonic for an easy-drinking floral citrus punch of a G&T.

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