Gin Reviews

These are my gin reviews.

I always follow the same pattern when I taste: I pour a measured amount of gin into a glass, smell it, taste it neat, add an ice cube and taste it again, and then add tonic in close to a 50/50 ratio with the gin, tasting it again. If I’m looking to determine the best type of garnish at this point, I’ll divide the volume of G&T I’ve made equally between the number of different glasses I want for different garnishes.

At the end of the day, I taste gins to learn more about them, how best to enjoy them and to inspire new ideas for using botanical combinations. I’m hoping others find my notes helpful for the same reasons.

It’s important to note that I’m an independent entity and my comments on the gins are all my own opinions. I am not sponsored in any way by any distilleries, and my intention is not to be as my goal is for the information I post to be as impartial as I can make it.

Gin reviews by country:

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