Who is the Gingineerist?

My personal history is irrevocably tied with gin. As a kid growing up in Alberta, Canada, me and my brother spent hours weeding around the juniper bushes that grew in the rock garden in our front yard. My chemical engineering undergrad introduced me to the science of distillation. As a young engineering officer in the Navy I ordered countless pre-run ashore 2 GT X-conns (a play on the 2 gas turbines drive mode) in wardrooms of ships and shore establishments, not caring at the time about the quality of the gin, only gleefully noting that the drink glowed in black light. Some time later, a year and a half posting to London, UK, allowed me to fully appreciate the wide variety of qualities of gin, an appreciation that kicked off when I stood, staring at wonder, at the gin isle of a Waitrose. A personal quest led me to try as many as possible in my time in the UK, which helped me gain an understanding of the versatility and beauty of a gin.

While I love living where I do, returning back to the west coast of Canada was a bit of a kick in the pants to the budding gin enthusiast I had become. Happily there appears to be a movement of sorts in North America, with craft distilleries taking hold of the idea of small batch gin making, and adding creative twists and signatures to the traditional London Dry Gin. I am here to promote the idea exchange and development of gin culture here in North America, as gin is a spirit with a truly remarkable past and that has much room to grow here into the future.

Gingineerist: Part engineer, part chemist, and above all a lover of gin.

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