Victoria Spirits Gin

When I returned from the UK in Dec 2012 I was ecstatic to find out that a premium, small-batch gin was being produced locally in Victoria, BC. In 2008 the Victoria Spirits distillers set out to interpret gin in a more modern way, combining their love of Bombay Sapphire and Tanqueray gin with their collective backgrounds in science, bartending and in the culinary world to produce a beautiful, distinct, new “modern” gin.  Arguably they were the first in Canada to bring a gin with such an innovative flavor profile to the market, paving the way for the local gin market to expand creatively.

Victoria Gin plays homage to the traditional London Dry Style, with the majority of its botanicals common to more traditional London Dry gins, however combining these in such a way to allow the juniper and coriander to delicately support its own bright citrus and whimsical twist. Tasting Victoria gin is an experience in sweet nostalgia – the gin has a complex profile that plays homage to traditional gin botanicals; but adds a distinct, spicy, warm, slightly sweet, floral and licorice-like base that is reminiscent of drinking an old-fashioned soda.

While several BC craft gins have entered the market since Victoria Spirit’s gin debut, Vic gin’s flavor profile remains uniquely soft, subtly sweet and indulgent. Since starting as a distillery to produce gin, Vic Spirits has expanded their line of spirits and is in the process of moving to a larger location that allows them more room for experimenting and what promises to be an impressive tasting area. I hope that this expansion will bring about new beautiful spirits and allow for Vic gin to be able to be more widely enjoyed!


Smell – juniper and coriander, light citrus and rich, sweeter undertones

Taste neat – fresh, citrus forward, with juniper taking a backseat through to lighter floral and licorice-like notes

In a G&T – Beef it up to a more traditional G&T by pairing it with Fentimans and lime, or celebrate its more delicate subtleties with a light dry tonic such as Fever tree Light or Mediterranean, and pair with lemon peel.

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