BC/PNW Dad-friendly Gins

In honor of Father’s Day I wanted to throw together a list of local gins that you might want to share with your Dad, your friends who may be Dads, or just the Dad-like people in your life. If the Dad(s) in your life are anything like mine, gin is not necessarily the top of his list – but here are a few local(ish) suggestions that any non-gin-loving Dad may truly enjoy.

Edinburgh Gin

Edinburgh gin, like many of the newer gins, takes advantage of local botanicals along with traditional botanicals to create a unique regional gin that is not completely true to the London dry style. However, it is easy to tell that the distillery paid homage to the style without completely dismissing it.

Long Table – London Dry Gin

In a bit of a rarity in the pacific northwest, where showcasing local botanicals and flavor profiles seems to be the dominant style, Long Table, based out of Vancouver, is making a local London Dry style gin that I was keen to try. With a recent silver medal award at the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits competition for their London Dry, and a Gold medal at the same competition for their Cucumber Gin, Long Table’s gins are certainly earning some well-deserved attention.