Why BC is leading Canada’s craft distilling enlightenment with gin

Gin in all of its dark, twisty history, does not have much of a legacy in Canada. Despite this, British Columbia is bursting with distilleries that are straight up developing some great gins. Recent changes in liquor laws favoring craft distilleries and a unique desire to showcase the amazingness of the region have culminated in an environment ripe for gin creation that is leading gin production in Canada.

BC/PNW Dad-friendly Gins

In honor of Father’s Day I wanted to throw together a list of local gins that you might want to share with your Dad, your friends who may be Dads, or just the Dad-like people in your life. If the Dad(s) in your life are anything like mine, gin is not necessarily the top of his list – but here are a few local(ish) suggestions that any non-gin-loving Dad may truly enjoy.

What Cuba can teach us about gin

I’ve just been fortunate enough to be on an amazing trip to Cuba that spanned from Havana, east to Baracoa, and back to Havana roughly via the south coast. Sharing my trip was a charming Irish woman who without fail, regardless of how remote of a location we ended up in for the night, asked for a gin and tonic. I’d gauge her success rate at about 15%.

Why then turn to Cuba for lessons on gin? I’ll let you be the judge. Here are a few lessons that I thought I’d pass on: